Mica is a common plugin architecture for creating Debian Linux and Maemo cross-development environments based on Eclipse.

|   Maemo IDE Common Architecture


If you'd like to contribute to the project, here are some guidelines:

  • Contributions of bugs, feature requests, documentation, and code are all acceptable.
  • Please get a feel for the code by contributing patches before asking for developer access. We're working full-time on the project currently, so it's easier for us to have more control during this time :)
  • If you want to fix a bug, check out the trunk sources, devise a fix, and attach a patch to the bug. If you have a feature or something which isn't a bug, file a bug with Severity Enhancement and attach the patch there.
  • Please follow the coding conventions in the existing source. See the Mica Developer's Guide for Mica guidelines and Eclipse Coding Conventions for general coding style guidelines.