Mica is a common plugin architecture for creating Debian Linux and Maemo cross-development environments based on Eclipse.

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First Beta: 2.0.0M4 (2009/05/22)

This is the first public release of Mica, coordinated with the ESbox and PluThon Beta 1 Releases (also 2.0.0M4). See the 2nd Edition ESbox and PluThon pages.

Mica is based on Eclipse Ganymede SR2 and PyDev 1.4.4.

Recent Improvements

  • P2 update sites available
  • Added wizard to flash images and kernels to Maemo device
  • Support SBRSH sandbox and non-sandbox modes
  • Added MacOS X host support
  • Fixes for Externalize Strings wizard
  • Added per-target Python interpreter configuration for Scratchbox and tablet
  • Update to Eclipse Ganymede SR2, Pydev 1.4.4
  • Add context menus to SDKs and targets
  • Add default RSE connections for all supported PC-connectivity types (USB, WLAN, Bluetooth)

Known issues

  • The framework is not yet API-stable. A round of renaming and repackaging will occur in the next few weeks. APIs will not final until 2nd edition.
  • Developer documentation is not in good enough shape yet. Feel free to ask questions on the mica-devel list (for now) until then!
  • The "Maemo device ..." connections for RSE are configured for the account "user". Please set up a password for this account first (log into the tablet, gain root, and set the password via passwd user), or select a different user name in the RSE target (right click > Configure... or right click > Properties in the Remote Systems view). You will not be able to change the user name in a dialog that prompts for a password.
  • There is a bug in RSE causing an exception when you attempt to copy default generated RSE connections. If you need to create more connections than those provided, then create a New Connection of system type SSH Only. [#4053].
  • For other issues, see the Mica bug tracker and search for items with Resolution = None.

Detailed Changes

Mica 2.0.0-I20090513 (internal)

  • With Build-Command: make -f filename, EsBox? looks for a makefile called "Makefile" [#3991]
  • Fix SBRSH on VMs (SBRSH was unnecessarily restricted on Windows/MacOS X using a VM. You can indeed use this with static IP addresses by connecting the device to the VM. I removed code that assumed the device was connected only to the host, which prevented SBRSH launches from proceeding.)
  • Source features are available now.
  • Externalize Strings wizard works better (not perfect yet ;)
  • Better progress in Debian package building [#4028]
  • No binaries installed via Debian packages for Makefile projects [#3968]
  • Fix progress reporting in Debian package builder [#4033]
  • Externalize Strings fixes [#4028]

Mica 2.0.0-I20090422

  • Add C/C++ debug and optimized build configuration support. Existing projects with a configuration-per-target will still work, but in new ones you will be able to add either or both "debug" and "optimized" configurations. These work by supplying settings for environment variables like CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS to the build. autogen and make should pick these up and do the right thing. You may need to configure your Makefiles (if used) not to mix other settings in, when these are defined on the command line.
  • Improvements for C/C++ builds (autotools messages not reported in dialog and better build progress monitor)
  • The GTK Hello World template will prompt to launch the full Maemo application framework instead of just X
  • Python interpreter manager fixes and support for both Scratchbox and remote Python installations
  • New Fremantle examples template project
  • Support for configurable sessions in the flasher dialog.
  • P2 update site support
  • Fix debugger issues:
    • Cannot terminate running program with DSF
    • Launch configurations are not deleted when project is deleted
    • Launch configurations do not show up in Project > Properties > Run/Debug Settings

Mica 2.0.0-I20090408

  • Improved performance when "Refreshing installed targets" [#2996]
  • Add context menus to UI that shows SDKs and targets, to easily refresh, start/stop SB1, detect platform, and configure RSE connection addresses
  • Detect possible errors related to file truncation when using newer Linux VMs with Windows host. [#3147] and see these scripts for fixes
  • Flasher wizard UI improvements
  • SBRSH bug fixes: 3828, 3827, and 3824.

Mica 2.0.0-I20090325

  • Added initial version of Flasher wizard (see icon in toolbar). This requires Linux host or VMware/Virtualbox VM for now.
  • Add default RSE connections for all supported pc-connectivity types (USB, WLAN, Bluetooth)
  • Make C/C++ template projects non-optimized and debuggable by default
  • Better handling of SSH password cancellation (#3349)
  • No longer leaks SSH passwords in file URIs
  • Split SBRSH preferences to allow specifying the device user (Mica does not have preferences, see products)

Mica 2.0.0-I20090311

  • Update to Eclipse Ganymede SR2
  • Update to Pydev 1.4.4
  • Initial support for Fremantle SDK
  • SBRSH sandbox/nonsandbox mode supported (needs 7.6maemo3+ from sbrsh garage project)